French Bows Wrapping Paper

French Bows Wrapping Paper

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While the gifts you share with loved ones are oh so thoughtful and special, I truly believe they way in which you present your gifts to them should be equally fun and delightful!

My hope with this wrapping paper is that it will delight your friends and family and bring them joy even before they open your darling gift!

This is a set of French Bows Watercolor Wrapping Paper Sheets, measuring 20”x29” per sheet. You have the choice between a set of 3 sheets, or a set of 6 sheets. Each sheet will wrap one standard sized gift box!

It is luxuriously thick, so your loved ones won’t be able to peek at their gifts ;)

This wrapping paper is perfect for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, baby shower gifts, wedding gifts, and gifts just because!